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Acute and chronic neck shoulder pain

Neck shoulder-arm syndrome is also known as neck shoulder pain, this syndrome is the most common symptom in clinical pathology involving the cervical spine. It is very common in daily life due to many reasons such as working posture for long periods, lying in one side for too long, catching cold, etc.

Neck shoulder pain is a popular disease that occurs in all age groups and involving various professions such as drivers, students, office worker, etc, this disease causes fatigue and discomfort; it affects the ability to work well as the health of the people.

The common symptoms like discomfort in the neck and shoulder of one or both parties, limiting turning movements, bending, and back neck. The pain may radiate to the back of the neck first half with dizziness, tinnitus. Sensory disturbances may encounter as burning, numbness, tingling spread to the shoulder, arm and fingers. These symptoms increase when the weather changes, sitting long or wrong posture.

Many suggested that a certain percentage by shoulder neck pain can cause hemiplegia; even it can cause a heart attack by blood vessels nourishing the heart pinched.

The disease can be sudden onset or changes slowly with different symptoms depending on the cause and stage of the disease. The determination of the cause of the disease is the best way to treat effectively.

The acute shoulder neck pain

This is reasons that can cause the acute shoulder neck pain.

Wrong posture such as sleeping with a high pillow, sitting in front of the computer in a long time, etc.

Sudden cold infections.

Neck and shoulder injury: The impact on the muscles in the neck and shoulder pain, muscle spasms.

The chronic neck pain shoulder

The most common cause (about 70 to 80%) is due to degeneration of the cervical spine, a degenerative joint venture of burning, associated side ledge narrows losses adapter root compression, spinal cord neck.

+ Herniated disc in the cervical spine (about 20 to 25%), which can bundle the cervical spine degeneration.

+ There are some other less common causes such as tumors, infections, spinal diseases, etc.

Thus, shoulder neck pain is a syndrome due to multiple causes with different expressions. The patients need to visit the doctor for diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Change some bad habits like sleeping high pillow, sitting too long time in front of computer, posture changing, etc. is the ways to prevent relapse of this disease